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What Other Bullmastiff Owners Feed Their Bullmastiffs

You should always consult a Licensed Behaviorist first for temperament and training issues.  Only a Licensed Behaviorist will be able to properly diagnose and treat your Bullmastiff.

Before You Buy
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Questions to ask a Bullmastiff Breeder

You should always consult a Licensed Veterinarian and/or Canine Nutritionist first for nutrition and weight issues.  Only a Licensed Veterinarian and/or Canine Nutritionist will be able to properly diagnose and treat your Bullmastiff.

What Do Bullmastiff Breeders and Owners Recommend:

The above testimonials signify only what the above breeders have chosen to feed their Bullmastiffs and does not signify this site's recommendation as breeders to purchase a Bullmastiff from or specific dog food to buy.  For a list of this site's preferred dog foods, please visit The Bullem Mall.

And since I know someone's going to ask me (the Webmaster) - this is what I feed or have fed my Bullmastiff:

  • Meals (Three meals with a total of 2 1/2 to 3 cups per day, pending the type of dog food)
    • Eukanuba - he was on this when I first adopted him, I wanted to move towards a more "natural" diet which is the only reason he's on something different now.  Unless otherwise recommended, I put rescues on Eukanuba since it is easily available for the adopting family and will not cost them as much as the specialized food I use for Hooch.  On Eukanuba, Hooch ate 2 1/2 cups a day.
    • AvoDerm - I liked this dog food a lot for him and it did wonders for his coat.  But due to the fact that the last few shipments were bug infested (not AvoDerm's fault - bad storing from the supplier), I have been forced to find another dog food to put him on.  Getting this shipped from somewhere else would have costed big, big bucks.   On AvoDerm, Hooch ate 3 cups per day.
    • Cooking - this didn't last.  I hate cooking.
    • Canidae - This was "ok" dog food for Hooch in regards to general health, but not so great for his coat.  I had to use extra supplementation for Hooch's skin condition.   He was eating 2 1/2 cups per day on this.
    • Innova Senior Dry - well, I haven't been too thrilled about Hooch's coat with the Canidae, so now we're trying Innova.  After comparing ingredients, I'm actually happier about the ingredients within Innova Senior because it includes supplementation for the joints and other vital organs.   I've got Casey on this, too.   Her coat (very oily and itchy) is the complete opposite of Hooch's (very dry and allergies).  We'll see how both of their coats do on this.  Casey is on 2 1/2 cups per day while she's on her diet.  Hooch is still on 2 1/2 cups also, but due to the lower caloric intake, I may up his meals to 3 - 3 1/2 cups per day if he starts losing weight.  Will let you know how this dog food works out for us!  UPDATE:  Hooch has been on this for the last year and has done well.  It's a good choice of food and he was fed 2 cups per day on Innova Senior (he started getting a little chunky on 2 1/2 cups).  We are however currently switching to a new brand after some recent reading I came across on pet nutrition.  UPDATE:  For Hooch - see below.  Casey did great on the Innova and her coat balanced out quite nicely.
  • Supplements
    • Cosequin - Hooch is severely dysplastic so he has been on joint supplementation since I first adopted him.  I found out by fate - so to speak.  Hooch, at 2 years old then,   showed no signs of hip dysplasia and we were about to start agility.  Well, under the advice of Cindie Waters of Waters Bullmastiffs, she suggested getting his hips x-rayed before doing any serious jumping.  Lo and behold - no hip sockets - on the Cosequin he immediately went and no agility fun for us.
    • SynoviCre - Another version of joint supplementation that my vet switched him to from the Cosequin.   My vet says he likes this stuff better.  Hooch is moving onwards to 6 years old and showing some signs of hip discomfort, but I think having him on the joint supplementation along with a proper diet and weight limit has helped quite a bit.  UPDATE:  Hooch is doing great on this supplement at 8 years old.
    • The Missing Link - I did not have to use this supplement while Hooch was on the AvoDerm.  However, since we were forced to switch to Canidae, I needed extra supplementation to make up for the lost skin ingredients that the AvoDerm contained, but the Canidae lacked.  UPDATE:  Now that we are off of Canidae, we don't need this supplement any longer.
    • Irish Mickey's Whisker Tonic - Love this stuff!  I've used it on Hooch and on rescues and it has done wonders for their coat. UPDATE:  Since we have moved to Wysong, we won't be using this supplement either since all ingredients are already included in the meal plan.
  • Treats (I only allow two doggy biscuits per day, I cannot speak for my neighbor or his gamma though)
    • Three Dog Bakery - All natural and Hooch really, really like their treats.
    • Pets Fifth Avenue - All natural and Hooch really, really likes her treats too.  She bakes them for me (because I hate cooking) and sends them to me the next day.  You can buy the package though and make them yourself - it's cheaper.
    • Fruit - apples, bananas, oranges, strawberries, and tomatoes.  I have to share when I eat these things.  He loves fruit and it's good for him too.  Just becareful about giving your Bullmastiff the acidic type fruits.  It will give them diarrhea if you give them too much.

Where to get Bullmastiff Quality supplements:

Contributed by her owner Linda Thompson of Gemstone Bullmastiffs.  "Bubbles" was bred by Anita Lewis and Jean Robinson of Leatherneck Bullmastiffs.  Her official registration name is AKC CH. Leatherneck's Pink Champagne.  Power The Dog of ORLOK as donated by her breeder Ghislaine Assink.  Brindle Bullmastiff puppy out of "The Dog of Orlok".  Born 2 April 2000, Power is out of Moraya The Dog of ORLOK and Turbo Tyson of Forest Rangers. Presley The Dog of ORLOK as donated by her breeder Ghislaine Assink.  This is a beautiful representation of a brindle Bullmastiff puppy out of the kennel "The Dog of Orlok". Rescued by Mickey Mullen of Florida Bullmastiff Rescue, this is Bumper in his new home and on his new couch. Alex at 13 weeks old, contributed by Chris Lezotte and Alan Kalter of HappyLegs Bullmastiffs.  Although a bit "off color" from the traditional Bullmastiff standard, these Dudley Bullmastiffs still make wonderful pets!

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