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You should always consult a Licensed Veterinarian first for medical and health issues.  Only a Licensed Veterinarian will be able to properly diagnose and treat your Bullmastiff.

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Please be sure to consult a Licensed Veterinarian for an accurate diagnoses and treatment of your Bullmastiff's cancer.

Having a Bullmastiff with a terminal illness is the harshest experience any loving owner will ever encounter.  It is a time of desperation.   It is a time of pain.  And unfortunately, it is also a time many owners may be taken advantage of for "fail safe" remedies in an effort to prolong their Bullmastiff's life and reduce their pain.  This is a letter from Donna Svabics, the owner of Sonny that you have seen throughout portions of this website.  Sonny has osteosarcoma, and Donna has been gracious in sharing her experience and research in regards to dealing with this terrible disease:

Reflections from a cancer victim's "Mom"..11/29/00
Looking back at this entire ordeal since it began gave me cause to reflect upon different things...now as the time draws nearer to Sonny's demise, I can only look back and ponder upon various things I experienced along the way that I consider pitfalls and potential dangers, and offer what is a personal opinion: ...

"Sonny"  CH. Country Corner's "Son of a Bee""I am the owner of a beloved canine who is currently suffering from a terminal illness..in this case..Osteosarcoma...the facts surrounding this particular cancer became painfully obvious to me as the disease progressed (it is BY FAR one of the most malignant and aggressive cancers a canine can get)...Far too many people, for various reasons, fall prey to the different "solutions" available out here to them (i.e.; alternative/complimentary therapies)..in desperation, buying time seems to be the main motive...All I can say, in summation to this all is: (Thank you, Dr. Barrett!) "Scientific consensus points to the fact that there is NO scientific data concluding that diet affects the direction of cancer once it appears"..Consequently, herbs, supplements, strict diet regimens that drastically vary from whatever the victim has been given prior to the disease, is going to make little to no difference once cancer is present, and may do more harm than good, in some instances (to me, these diet approaches actually appeared radical and fanatical, not to even mention the expense of it all)...I believe a cancer victim's diet should remain nutrient-dense, and well balanced (and I refused to sway from the diet Sonny was used to)...I have been given, by some "gurus" (upon request) of these sworn-to testimonies, methods "proven to drastically reduce and shrink existing tumors and cancer cells by 65%"...statements made by a "top" Oncologist in the country included, "An Osteosarcoma victim who has had the traditional Chemotherapy treatments has a 12 month prognosis of a quality life"...(this is possibly best case scenario, NOT the given averages..and I NEVER DID get this "top" Oncologist's name).."Immunity levels will be boosted by following a strict controlled regimen, and actually enhance the Chemotherapy treatments to become more effective" "NEVER give sugar to a cancer dog..Sugar FEEDS cancer cells"...it's amazing what people will grasp onto to prolong life of their beloveds...we all hear of the success stories, but what about the scores of the ones who have failed?..I must believe those exceed any successors, by far...I almost "bit" the "holistic/alternative" approach..but while researching it all, when I read the promises it made, and some of the over-exaggerated and unsubstantiated claims made, I just "knew" somehow, this was mostly quackery and myth, and the predators are out here, full force, in the pet world to make their bucks, as well..I honestly believe millions of dollars are made from these well-meaning people (victims, themselves, actually) who wish to hold onto their beloved furkids just a little longer..and the exotic, (neurotic) cures and enhancers just keep on selling...Sonny's days are numbered..I think it's vital for one to grasp when "enough is enough"..my boy's remaining days will be as pain-free and happy as I can manage to give him..but it will not be by providing bucks in the pockets of these "gurus" who promise "amazing" results"...Best, Donna...

Thank you, Donna for allowing me to post the above.

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Is cancer in inheritable disease?  Scientists are still trying to figure that one out.  They believe in humans, some forms of cancer are.  Could the same be found true for dogs?  The Bullmastiff Standards that address health problems state that "lymphoma sarcoma is believed to be a (congenital) trait in some lines and that puppy seekers should make sure that this trend did not exist in past litters of both parents and grand-parents".  Something to think about...



Contributed by her owner Linda Thompson of Gemstone Bullmastiffs.  "Bubbles" was bred by Anita Lewis and Jean Robinson of Leatherneck Bullmastiffs.  Her official registration name is AKC CH. Leatherneck's Pink Champagne.  Power The Dog of ORLOK as donated by her breeder Ghislaine Assink.  Brindle Bullmastiff puppy out of "The Dog of Orlok".  Born 2 April 2000, Power is out of Moraya The Dog of ORLOK and Turbo Tyson of Forest Rangers. Presley The Dog of ORLOK as donated by her breeder Ghislaine Assink.  This is a beautiful representation of a brindle Bullmastiff puppy out of the kennel "The Dog of Orlok". Rescued by Mickey Mullen of Florida Bullmastiff Rescue, this is Bumper in his new home and on his new couch. Alex at 13 weeks old, contributed by Chris Lezotte and Alan Kalter of HappyLegs Bullmastiffs.  Although a bit "off color" from the traditional Bullmastiff standard, these Dudley Bullmastiffs still make wonderful pets!

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