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You should always consult a Licensed Veterinarian first for medical and health issues.  Only a Licensed Veterinarian will be able to properly diagnose and treat your Bullmastiff.

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Please be sure to consult a Licensed Veterinarian for an accurate diagnoses and treatment of your Bullmastiff's hips.

Hip Dysplasia is a very common defect in the Bullmastiff breed.  Please note - both Male and Female Bullmastiffs alike can inherit this disorder!  If a Bullmastiff Breeder tells you otherwise - they either are extremely uneducated about the breed and should not be breeding anyway, or are outright lying to you.  This can be a liveable disease depending on the severity - Hooch and I have dealt with it for years with success.  As an owner of a dysplastic Bullmastiff, please be sure to look at all of your options for treatment and maintenance in order to give your Bullmastiff a comfortable and quality filled life.

What is Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD or HD):

Certification/Registration Authorities:

How to read the charts:

Treatment - What are the Options:

Symptoms that your Bullmastiff may have Hip Dysplasia include:

  • Roach back
  • Bunny hopping gait when running
  • Difficulty rising or going into a sit
  • Sensitivity when touched in the hip area

If your Bullmastiff is diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia - thoroughly research all of your treatment options.  Surgical procedures should be the very last, unavoidable option.   Recovery from the surgical procedures is very hard and enduring for both your Bullmastiff and you - and may not always prove to be a permanent solution.  For example, very young dogs that have a total or partial hip replacement may need to have the procedure done again at maturity.  Many Bullmastiffs do fine using joint lubricating supplements and you should give them first consideration under the guidance of your veterinarian.

Ways to make your Bullmastiff's daily living physically comfortable:


Contributed by her owner Linda Thompson of Gemstone Bullmastiffs.  "Bubbles" was bred by Anita Lewis and Jean Robinson of Leatherneck Bullmastiffs.  Her official registration name is AKC CH. Leatherneck's Pink Champagne.  Power The Dog of ORLOK as donated by her breeder Ghislaine Assink.  Brindle Bullmastiff puppy out of "The Dog of Orlok".  Born 2 April 2000, Power is out of Moraya The Dog of ORLOK and Turbo Tyson of Forest Rangers. Presley The Dog of ORLOK as donated by her breeder Ghislaine Assink.  This is a beautiful representation of a brindle Bullmastiff puppy out of the kennel "The Dog of Orlok". Rescued by Mickey Mullen of Florida Bullmastiff Rescue, this is Bumper in his new home and on his new couch. Alex at 13 weeks old, contributed by Chris Lezotte and Alan Kalter of HappyLegs Bullmastiffs.  Although a bit "off color" from the traditional Bullmastiff standard, these Dudley Bullmastiffs still make wonderful pets!

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